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Our Medical Director

Cancer significantly impacts our lives. Its implications are often complex and life-changing. That is why, at Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center, our mission to make cancer history drives everything we do, including how we care for our patients.

By replicating the approach to care pioneered by MD Anderson, we provide adult patients with access to the same leading-edge treatment options as one of the world’s most respected cancer centers. Together, we’re providing patient-centered care to patients in North Florida and the Southeast region.

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Ask a Physician Liaison

Our physician relations team is dedicated to assisting physicians, inside and outside of Baptist MD Anderson. We’ll help facilitate your patients’ access to care at our cancer center and answer any questions you may have. Here are a few ways we can assist you:

  • Refer to or connect with a specialist
  • Order diagnostic testing
  • Access other services
  • Receive a Referral Guide
  • Receive clinical updates & announcements
  • Options for results retrieval
  • Receive CME and event notifications

Get Clinical Updates

News from our team about advancements in prevention, screening, detection, treatment, clinical trials and more.

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At Baptist MD Anderson, we believe in providing our team of experts with the facilities and resources needed to make a difference in patients’ lives. From continuing education to the latest clinical trials, discover all we have to offer you as an oncology specialist.