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At Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center, we know you are facing many unknowns on your journey. That’s why we are so dedicated to providing as many answers and resources to you as we can. We want to empower you to make informed decisions about your care and wellbeing.

Our team of experts and caregivers created these educational resources to guide and prepare you throughout the entire care process, from cancer prevention to treatment to survivorship.

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Drain Care with Breast Surgery BMDA Treatment
Pudendal Nerve Block Home Care BMDA Treatment
Breast Surgery Post Op Instructions BMDA Treatment
Vaginal Health BMDA Self Care, Wellbeing, Treatment
Spirituality BMDA Wellbeing
Food Labels BMDA Nutrition, Wellbeing
Nipple-Tattoos-Micropigmentation-Reconstruction BMDA Treatment, Wellbeing
Vaginal Dilator Therapy Instructions BMDA Self Care, Treatment, Wellbeing
Stress Reduction BMDA Exercise, Wellbeing, Self Care
Sleep-tips-for-a-good-nights-rest BMDA Wellbeing, Self Care
Move More BMDA Exercise, Wellbeing
PALB2 Gene Mutation Diagnosis, Treatment
Goal Setting for a Healthy Lifestyle BMDA Nutrition, Wellbeing, Exercise
Cancer Risk Reduction at Home BMDA Diagnosis, Self Care
Exercise BMDA Exercise, Wellbeing, Treatment
Distress BMDA Treatment, Wellbeing, Diagnosis
Functional Foods BMDA Nutrition, Wellbeing
ATM Moderate-Risk Gene Mutation BMDA Diagnosis, Treatment
Artificial Urinary Sphincter General Urology Clinic Diagnosis, Treatment
Cancer Genetics BMDA Diagnosis, Treatment
Aromatase Inhibitor Side Effects BMDA Treatment, Self Care
CHEK2 Mutation Diagnosis, Treatment
Obesity Exercise Education Booklet BMDA Exercise, Wellbeing, Nutrition
Cancer and Fertility BMDA Diagnosis, Treatment
Breast Cancer Preventive Medicine BMDA Diagnosis, Clinical Trials, Treatment
Distal Pancreatectomy and Splenectomy BMDA Treatment, Diagnosis
Melanoma and Skin Care Home Instructions BMDA Self Care, Treatment
Diagnostic Laparoscopy and Home Care BMDA Diagnosis, Self Care
Gastric Cancer and Types of Surgery BMDA Treatment, Diagnosis, Clinical Trials
Pancreas Surgery Whipple Home Care BMDA Treatment, Self Care
Pancreatic Cancer and Types of Surgery BMDA Diagnosis, Treatment
HBC - Ultrasound Guided Breast Biopsy Clinical Trials, Diagnosis, Physical, Treatment
HBC - Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging Diagnosis
Xiaflex Treatment and Home Care BMDA Clinical Trials, Diagnosis, Treatment
Urethroplasty Post Surgery Home Care BMDA Clinical Trials, Diagnosis, Treatment
Upper GI Tract Diagram BMDA
Urodynamics Home Care BMDA Diagnosis
Work After a Cancer Diagnosis BMDA Self Care, Wellbeing
Vasectomy Post Surgical Home Care BMDA Clinical Trials, Diagnosis, Treatment
Self-Catheterization Male Clean Intermittent BMDA Diagnosis, Treatment
Splenectomy Post-Splenectomy Vaccines BMDA Diagnosis, Treatment
Urinary Sphincter Post Surgical Home Care BMDA Diagnosis, Treatment
Post Pellet Insertion Home Care BMDA Diagnosis, Treatment
Self-Catheterization Female Clean Intermittent BMDA Diagnosis, Treatment
Lovenox Patient Education BMDA Clinical Trials, Diagnosis, Treatment
Peyronies Disease Questionnaire PDQ BMDA
Pre Vasectomy Checklist BMDA Diagnosis, Treatment
Interstitial Cystitis Medication Instillation -Whitmore BMDA Clinical Trials, Diagnosis, Treatment
Penile Prosthesis PreOp Patient Education BMDA Diagnosis, Treatment
Penile Prosthesis Implant BMDA Diagnosis, Treatment