AN OVERVIEW OF OUR Our Support Services

At Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center, we understand that you are not a diagnosis - you are a unique person with a life outside of cancer, and we want to help you get back to it. Our supportive services include outpatient resources to support you and your family during and after cancer treatment.

  • Genetic Counseling Services

    Our certified genetic counselors are here to help you and your family answer any questions about hereditary cancer syndromes or cancer predisposition.

  • First Responders Program

    We are honored to provide care for our first responders’ specific needs through our Baptist MD Anderson First Responders Program.

  • Life Wellness Center

    Our compassionate team is here to help you during and after treatment with wellness services, along with personal care, cosmetic and comfort products designed for cancer patients.

  • Psychological Services

    Being diagnosed with cancer can bring a range of emotions, including anxiety, depression, grief and fatigue. These feelings can affect not only you, the cancer patient, but your loved ones as well.

    Our licensed psychologists are available to you and your family members to assist you in coping with the psychological, physical and social challenges related to a cancer diagnosis.

  • Social Work Services

    Our licensed clinical social workers are here to help you and your family with the social, emotional and practical concerns of adjusting to your cancer diagnosis.

  • Spiritual Care

    Chaplains are available to support you and your family’s spiritual or religious needs during your treatment.

  • Nutrition Services

    Our registered dieticians are here to help you cope with nutritional side effects or concerns before, during and after cancer treatment.

  • Rehabilitation Services

    Our physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists and exercise physiologists are here to help you recover from the physical effects of cancer and its treatment.

  • Survivorship

    Our survivorship coordinator is here to help you through critical transitions from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.

“I had the most wonderful help, care and support from everybody there. The entire team takes the time to answer your questions and to just sit with you.”

—Joanie Heighes, Patient