Dr. Gorak, hematologist oncologist, talks with a male patient.

Second Opinion

The right treatment plan starts with the right diagnosis. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, a second opinion can offer you peace of mind or additional treatment options. In following MD Anderson Cancer Center’s model of care, we verify all patients’ diagnoses by a pathologist. Many patients see a change in their diagnosis after a second opinion.

Whatever your diagnosis, you can trust the experts at Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center to help guide you.

Request a Second Opinion

You can request a second opinion for any reason. Talk to our team of experts for peace of mind and explore all of your personalized treatment options. Our doctors are happy to assume your care or work with your team of physicians in your area.

EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS Why Get a Second Opinion?

A second opinion can be a game-changer for patients. While it is rare for a diagnosis to change from malignant to benign, a second opinion may reveal other information. Our team verifies whether your staging is correct, your tumor size is correct and your overall assessment is correct. All of these factors can affect which treatment options you are offered.

Some of the most common reasons patients seek second opinions is to:

  • Confirm a diagnosis
  • Seek out a specialist or expert opinion
  • Explore additional treatment options
A pair of female physicians look through mammogram scans.

“Need a second opinion about your specific cancer type? Our team of specialists can help.”

—Beth-Ann Lesnikoski, MD, Breast Program Director at Baptist MD Anderson

There are no stupid questions when it comes to your health. Find a caregiver who patiently walks you through every aspect of your diagnosis, listens to your questions and treats you with respect.