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Spiritual Care for Patients & Families

At Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center, we understand that facing a cancer diagnosis can lead to questions about your beliefs, purpose and the meaning of life itself. Many patients and their families find spirituality to be a source of strength, hope, meaning and unity as they cope with the effects of cancer and its treatment on their lives.

Our chaplains are here for you, regardless of your religious affiliation or beliefs, to listen and provide support or guidance for any questions you may have about meaning, identity, purpose, value or self-worth.

tree of hope painting from spiritual care team at Baptist MD Anderson


Our board-certified chaplains are available to support you in the midst of:

  • Awaiting treatment or diagnosis
  • Discouragement caused by a prognosis
  • Conflict between recommended treatment and religious beliefs
  • Ritual needs (prayer, sacraments, spiritual texts)
  • Guilt / grief
  • Fear / hopelessness
  • Struggles with belief system
  • Worries about relationship with deity
  • Loss of faith
  • Concerns about death and afterlife
  • Concerns with meaning or purpose of life
  • Isolation from community or family

Request a Chaplain

Whether you are in the hospital or the outpatient clinic, you can request a chaplain at any time by asking your nurse or calling 904.202.4242. Chaplains are available to you in either inpatient or outpatient settings.

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Chapel & Spiritual Care Center

The Joan and Russell Newton Russell Center for Spiritual Care is located on the 2nd floor of the Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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