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Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center

First Responders Program

Sue Horton, firefighter and patient of Baptist MD Anderson


About Our Program

At Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center, we are honored to provide care for first responders and offer our Baptist MD Anderson First Responders Program. We fully appreciate the heightened risk that first responders have for developing cancer related to occupational exposure. We understand the demands of your job and will do everything we can do to meet your health needs professionally and personally.

You will receive expedited, state-of-the-art care across our system and in our cancer center so that you can focus on the demands of your job. You spend your career putting others first, but now it’s our turn to put you first. We’re here to surround you with a multidisciplinary team who will stand beside you and your loved ones on this journey.

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What We Offer

Any first responders treated for cancer at Baptist MD Anderson can expect:

  • A seamless transition from the detection of cancer to the implementation of treatment
  • Individualized treatment tailored specifically for each cancer type
  • A physician leader to work with your medical director or liaison to ensure that team members have appropriate support
  • A program coordinator who works specifically with first responders and guides them through every step of their journey
  • A project manager who will serve as a direct link to administration for any questions or concerns
  • A new patient guidebook tailored to first responders
  • Staff who have been trained on the specific needs, occupational risks, and health concerns of the fire and rescue department.
  • Behavioral health services – we recognize caring for the mental health of our patients is just as important as caring for their physical health
  • Other support services as indicated such as physical therapy, genetic testing, occupational testing, speech therapy and spiritual care, etc.
  • Collaboration with local fire departments and associations to ensure our program incorporates their individual needs including education, key contacts, additional resources and benefits information.


Meet Your Baptist MD Anderson Team


If you are interested in our program or have any questions, we are happy to assist you. Call 904.202.7972 or email Angela Silva.