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A Component of Baptist Health's Precision Health Program

Precision Oncology

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Unique Genes. Unique Treatment.

Precision Oncology & Targeted Therapy

Genes, our DNA building blocks unique to each of us, play an important role in how cancer may affect you — and how you respond to certain treatments. Certain genetic defects can increase the risk of developing cancer. By understanding a cancer's genetics, doctors can select the most effective treatments.

Precision health has several important functions in oncology: prevention, diagnosis and treatment.


Our Oncology Program

Baptist MD Anderson's Precision Oncology patients have a variety of resources available to help prevent, diagnosis and treat cancer.

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Our Approach

Precise Care Fueled by Genetic Testing

Precision medicine allows us to:

  • Customize care to each individual’s unique biology (including genetic and molecular testing), family history, and life circumstances
  • Identify the most effective treatment or cure for health problems, and predict and prevent future ones by using a highly personalized and proactive approach
  • Create new knowledge, improve outcomes, and change lives for the better through Precision Health

With our genetic testing, your privacy is paramount. Your results will be part of your secured medical record for your treatment, your disease, your medical team and no one else without permission.

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From Our Medical Director

Precision Oncology Program