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Genetic Counseling Services

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Genetic Counseling Services

Sometimes a cancer diagnosis can bring up questions about cancer risk for patients and their family members. At Baptist MD Anderson, we offer genetic counseling services to assess patients and their family members for inherited cancer syndromes or cancer predisposition. Most cancers are not caused by inherited factors. In fact, only about 5-10% of cancers can be attributed to a hereditary cause.

While hereditary cancers only account for a small portion of all cancers, it is important to identify those individuals with a hereditary predisposition, as they may require additional screening precautions. When cancer develops as a result of an inherited cause, the risks of cancer may be much higher and cancer may occur at younger ages.

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Genetic Counselors


  • You or someone else in your family has been diagnosed with colon, breast or endometrial cancer under the age of 50
  • You or someone else in your family has developed the same type of cancer more than once, a rare cancer or multiple types of cancer
  • Someone in your family has been diagnosed with bilateral cancers (in both paired organs such as both breasts or kidneys)
  • You have a family member who has been identified to have a hereditary cancer syndrome


  • A three to four-generation family history will be completed focusing on the types of cancer in the family and the ages of diagnosis
  • The likelihood of a hereditary cancer syndrome will be assessed
  • Discussion of genetic testing and possible blood draw if genetic testing is pursued
  • A total of 45-60 minutes for the entire consultation

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Genetic Counseling Center

Our genetic counseling services are located on the 7th floor of the Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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Request a Genetic Counseling Appointment

To request a consult with one of our certified genetic counselors, please ask your provider or call 1.844.MDA.BAPTIST. Genetic counseling services are only available to you in the outpatient setting.

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