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Our medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons and other specialists create a tailored treatment plan for each patient working in concert with our dedicated team of pathologists, nurses, pharmacists, genetic counselors, dieticians, psychologists and social workers.

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More Information About Clinical Trials.

At Baptist MD Anderson, we offer clinical trial studies for emerging and innovative therapies for blood cancers. Through a collaboration with MD Anderson Cancer Network, our patients benefit from access to cutting-edge treatments and trials that are shaping the future of cancer care.

We offer select clinical trials with MD Anderson, as well as multiple unique clinical trials from leading pharmaceutical companies, the National Cancer Institute, National Clinical Trials Network, private sector companies and individual physician investigators.

A male doctor in while coat and stethoscope looks over a file with a female nurse in scrubs.

“By replicating the approach to care pioneered by MD Anderson, we provide patients with access to the same leading-edge treatment options.”

— Joe B. Bill Putnam, Jr., MD, FACS, Thoracic Surgeon