A female physical therapist assists a female patient.

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Cancer Rehabilitation Services

A female rehabilitation specialists works with a female patient, who stretches her arms over her head.


Rehabilitation Services

Cancer and its treatments can sometimes have lasting effects on your daily performance including physical, mental, emotional and social functioning. Rehabilitation Services offers physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language pathology for patients of all ages and with any type of cancer. Rehabilitation Services helps those who are experiencing difficulty with daily activities that are problems related to cancer or the side effects of surgery, chemotherapy or radiation treatment. We educate on available community resources.


How We Can Help

Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center offers the following rehabilitation services, tailored to your needs:

Request a Rehabilitation Appointment

Whether you are just beginning or currently receiving medical treatment for cancer, rehabilitation services are available for you. To request any of these services, please ask your provider or contact us directly. Rehabilitation services are available to you in either inpatient or outpatient settings.

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Cancer Rehabilitation Services

Our cancer rehabilitation services are located at Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center as well as various locations.

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