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Clinical Trial ID: NeMeRe, a Multi-Institutional Retrospective and Prospective Registry of Neoplastic Meningitis in Adults




We propose to create a comprehensive, multi-institutional retrospective and prospective electronic database of patients diagnosed with neoplastic meningitis from any underlying tumor histology (Neoplastic Meningitis Registry [NeMeRe])


1. To define national patterns in care and gaps in treatment quality for patients with neoplastic meningitis. 2. To provide longitudinal data for outcome studies. 3. To generate hypotheses regarding the association of potential prognostic variables with outcomes inthis patient population. 4. To generate hypotheses regarding the association of various therapeutic interventions with outcomes in this patient population. 5. To provide benchmark data for the development of quality improvement metrics. 6. To provide information to clinicians during the treatment process to facilitate informed decision making by conducting quarterly review and discussion sessions with all participating investigators.


Combined retrospective and prospective registry, utilizing one overarching REDCap database with two arms: one retrospective and the other prospective. The informed consent form will encompass the prospective arm of the single REDCap database. All living participants will sign informed consent form to participate in the registry. All retrospective subject data will be through a retrospective chart review.


Brain and Nervous System





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Cavaliere, Robert





Participating Institutions

Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center; Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center GOS


3.1 Inclusion Criteria All subjects 18 years of age or older, diagnosed with NM will be included. This includes retrospective population of subjects 18 years of age or older, who were diagnosed with and treated for NM. This may include decedent’s information. Retrospective data will include the timeframe 01/01/2009 to 05/01/2015. 3.2 Exclusion Criteria Any subjects who choose not to participate in the study. Any subject under the age of 18 will be excluded. 3.3 Early Withdrawal of Subjects 3.3.1 Criteria for removal from study Subject withdraws consent. 3.3.2 Follow-up for withdrawn subjects Date of death to be recorded if publically available, (e.g. published obituaries,,

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