Beth-Ann Lesnikoski, MD, FACS Breast Surgical Oncologist

Beth-Ann Lesnikoski, MD, FACS is a Breast Surgical Oncologist for Baptist Health in Jacksonville, FL

Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Care
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  • Breast Cancer
  • Cancer Genetics
  • Oncoplastic Breast Surgery
  • Geriatric Breast Care
  • Premenopausal Breast Cancer
  • Pregnancy Related Breast Cancer

About the Doctor

Beth-Ann Lesnikoski, MD, FACS, is a board-certified surgeon with extensive experience in the surgical and multidisciplinary management of breast cancer. She specializes in oncoplastic breast surgery and has expertise in many innovative approaches to breast cancer treatment. She is passionate about educating both patients and physicians in the most up-to-date approaches to breast care.

From the Doctor

I have loved living in Florida since I moved here in 2009. I feel most at peace when I am by the ocean. My husband and I enjoy boating, books and bicycling. I also do a bit of gardening and particularly enjoy growing orchids.

My philosophy of care is always patient centered. I believe a well-educated patient can make the best informed choices about their health care, so my staff and I spend lots of time educating patients during their visits. I am dedicated to providing the same level of excellent care to patients from all walks of life. I believe we caregivers are privileged to accompany and support patients on their health care journeys.

I also believe in the power of charity. I have been an active volunteer with the American Cancer Society for nearly two decades, and served as Chair of the Florida Division in 2016.



General Surgeon


American Board of Surgery (Surgery)

Education & Training

Doctor of Medicine - Medical School 1983 - 1987
Temple University Graduate School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA
Internship 1987 - 1988
Harvard Medical School - Registrar, Boston, MA
Residency 1988 - 1989
Swedish Hospital, Seattle, WA
Residency 1989 - 1992
Harvard Medical School - Registrar, Boston, MA
Fellowship 1993 - 1995
Sandoz Center for Immunobiology, Boston, MA
Fellowship 1995 - 1996
Faulkner Hospital, Boston, MA

Hospital Affiliation

  • Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville

Legal Practice Name

Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center


Publication Name

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