Russell Smith, MD, FACS Head & Neck Surgical Oncologist

Russell Smith, MD, FACS is a Head & Neck Surgical Oncologist for Baptist Health in Jacksonville, FL

Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Head and neck cancer
  • Parathyroid disease
  • Skull base tumors
  • Transoral robotic surgery
  • Skin cancers and melanoma
  • Thyroid nodules and cancer

About the Doctor

Russell Smith, MD, FACS, is a board-certified surgeon who has dedicated his career to caring for patients with benign and cancerous tumors of the head and neck area. He believes in a multidisciplinary approach to care for patients affected by head and neck cancers. He uses minimally invasive surgical approaches for a variety of different tumors. His areas of expertise include:


Chief, Section of Head and Neck Surgical Oncology


Surgical Oncologist
Plastic Surgery Within the Head and Neck
Otolaryngologist (ENT)


American Board of Otolaryngology (Otolaryngology)

Education & Training

Doctor of Medicine - Medical School 1991 - 1995
University of Missouri Kansas City School of Medicine
Internship 1995 - 1996
University of Missouri Kansas City School of Medicine
Residency 1996 - 2000
University of Missouri Kansas City School of Medicine
Fellowship 2000 - 2001
University of Iowa

Hospital Affiliation

  • Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville

Legal Practice Name

Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center


Publication Name

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