A group of brain and spine tumor specialists gather in front of a patient's brain scans at the weekly tumor board.

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Treating Brain & Spine Tumors

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Caring for the whole person

Brain & Spine Tumor Treatment

Having cancer is a life-changing experience for each individual patient, and their family and friends. At Baptist MD Anderson, we know the best cancer treatments for brain and spine tumors are those that are tailored specifically to you by a multidisciplinary team.

As part of our approach, patients receive care based on the same processes and practice standards provided at MD Anderson Cancer Center and benefit from integration with MD Anderson clinicians and researchers.

You and your team of specialists work together to choose a cancer treatment plan for you, based on your overall health, the type of cancer, and your own preferences.

Together, we’re leading the local fight against cancer.

Creating Your Treatment Plan

We’re ready to assist you through your healing. To find out more about a personalized treatment plan, contact us.

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Explore your options

Clinical Trials at Baptist MD Anderson

At Baptist MD Anderson, we offer clinical trial studies for emerging and innovative therapies for brain and spine tumors. Through a collaboration with MD Anderson Cancer Network, our patients benefit from access to cutting-edge treatments and trials that are shaping the future of cancer care.

We offer select clinical trials with MD Anderson, as well as multiple unique clinical trials from leading pharmaceutical companies, the National Cancer Institute, National Clinical Trials Network, private sector companies and individual physician investigators.

Our clinical trials

Brain & Spine Tumors

Common Treatments

At Baptist MD Anderson, we’re ready to fight for you every step of the way. As part of your treatment, you are assigned a nurse navigator, who has specialized training in caring for patients with brain and spine cancer to answer your questions and help you coordinate your appointments.

Your personalized treatment plan will be based on:

  • The type, subtype and stage of your cancer
  • Molecular, clinical and genetic features of the disease
  • Your health history
  • Your personal goals

Your treatment plan will be designed to improve your quality of life and reduce the risk that your cancer will return. One or more of the following therapies may be recommended to treat your cancer or help relieve symptoms.

Photo of Dr, Cavaliere, Neuro-oncologist, studying patient's brain scans


Your First Appointment

During your visit at the Neuro-oncology program at Baptist MD Anderson you will meet with a group of people with extensive experience in managing brain and spine tumors. Depending on the circumstances, this may include a neuro-oncologist, neurosurgeon and radiation oncologist.

We understand the challenges patients and their families face and make every effort to coordinate visits with different specialists. In our multi-disciplinary clinics, you will meet all members of your team at the same visit in the same place. You will also meet other specialized members of the neuro-oncology team including nurses, navigators, nurse practitioners, social workers, pharmacists and research coordinators.

Your visit will be long as you meet with different members of your treatment team. During this time you may receive a lot of information. We understand it can be overwhelming. Members of your team will be available even after your visit to clarify any questions you may have, by phone or in person.

Our care team Prepare for Your First Appointment
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Our location

Brain & Spine Tumor Clinics

Our specialized clinics focus on the complex care needed to treat all aspects of your condition. Within our clinics, we bring together our team of experts to care for you - mind, body and spirit - all under one roof. Our singularly focused clinics include:

  • Glioma Clinic
  • Pituitary, Meningioma and Skull Base Clinic
  • Metastases and Radiosurgery Clinic

Need Directions? The brain and spine tumor clinic is located in the main Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center on Floor 1.

For whatever step is next,

Baptist MD Anderson is Here for You

Our team of experts are ready to help you navigate the whirlwind of emotions, options and decisions through every aspect of your care.

smiling headshot of Travis Martin, brain tumor patient and survivor..

I never thought at 32 I’d be diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer, which is pretty bad from what I hear. But I’m here today so I’m pretty happy about it.

Travis's story
smiling headshot of Travis Martin, brain tumor patient and survivor..

I never thought at 32 I’d be diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer, which is pretty bad from what I hear. But I’m here today so I’m pretty happy about it.

Travis's story